What to Do if Your Garage Door Remote Control Isn’t Working

What if the Remote Is Not Working?  

Having a well-functioning garage door is a great convenience. You only press the button, and it opens. You do the same when you leave the garage, and it closes. But what can you do if that button suddenly stops working?

Let’s first discuss the causes of a faulty remote control. The first reason could be a dead battery. You can check if the remote has an indicator light. If it’s dim, then you should replace the battery, which will resolve the problem. If not, you should check if the opener of your door has a LED light bulb. Many homeowners complain that their remote control doesn’t work after they change the battery and even after they are programmed only because an LED light bulb disrupts the signal to the opener.

There could be a problem with the safety sensors, also called eye sensors. All modern garage doors have this safety feature as a part of their design and operation. There should be a small box on either side of the garage door that does not work if anything is standing in the line of sight. This blockage is when the infrared signals are broken. So, check for obstructions and remove them accordingly. Anything, from a vehicle to a small garden tool or toy, could cause the remote control to stop responding.

Other issues could be improper opener installation or misalignment. If the sensor mount or the hardware moves during operation, it can compromise the signal. Tracks that are misaligned can lead to this abnormal behavior. Even a split second is enough to cause the door to reverse course. If the safety sensors are out of place or removed from their mounts, this will interrupt the signal as well.

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