Garage Door Styles for Your Home

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You’ve made improvements to your home to make it more in line with your distinct style, but what about your garage door? Given the variety of doors that are currently accessible to consumers, your garage is a significant component of the outside of your home and has the potential to enhance curb appeal and showcase your individual style. You can accomplish different functionality and distinct looks by using several door types. Here are some options you can choose from:

Raised-Panel Doors

The raised panel is one of the most popular door designs. Raised-panel doors are now considered to be the norm and the type that most people picture when thinking of these doors. The original raised-panel doors had floating panels that slid into a rail-and-style frame, but the contemporary version, like the widely used fiberglass variety, often has solid door panels that are simply molded to imitate the traditional raised-panel door.

Carriage Doors

For a number of home types, carriage-style doors are a highly popular option. They typically mimic the appearance of doors found on old carriage houses, although they can look pretty fine on many modern residences as well. Modern carriage door models nevertheless retain the attractiveness of conventional swing doors while folding open with automatic openers, unlike classic carriage doors that swung open manually from the center.

Contemporary Slab Doors

Modern home design materials are utilized in contemporary doors. They are frequently composed of aluminum and steel. Modern doors come in brown, gray, and black colors. A single-door garage with vertical window panes in the design is what you should seek out. Consider double- and triple-panel doors with distinctive architectural embellishments for added flair.

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