Some Common Questions and Their Answers!

Among the many other obligations as a homeowner, you also have to maintain your garage door. Considering how many times you regularly open and close the door, it does take quite a beating. A proficient and qualified garage door repair technician can be the difference between a well-functioning door and the never-ending vicious circle of repairs and malfunctions. By choosing Asap Garage Door Company Friendswood to be your reliable helper, you choose superb quality at attractive rates. We operate in Webster, TX. If you wish to learn more about our business, please take a look at our FAQ list:

  • Do your technicians do everything a garage door needs? Yes, that’s correct. Our team of experts has the skills and qualifications to handle new door installation, repairs, replacement, and upkeep. You can contact us for any malfunctions, from broken springs and openers to malfunctioning cables, photo eyes, or tracks. We are cognizant with all the parts a door contains, and we know how to troubleshoot them.

  • Why does my door fail so often? There could be different reasons. It could be because unprofessional technicians have serviced it, you forgot to schedule appointments for maintenance, or it is just old. Do not waste any more money on the repairs and call us to inspect your door and recommend a newer and more efficient model if this is necessary.

  • Are you a licensed company? Our garage door repair company is A rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • My door goes down a few inches and then reverses. Why is that? All new designs have a special safety feature that makes it reverse if something blocks the light beam. So, check the area under the door and make sure the area is clear of debris, dirt, or cobwebs. Also, contact Asap Garage Door Company Friendswood for an immediate inspection or repair.

  • Can I do any work on my garage door to save money on professional fixes? DIY won’t save you money, on the contrary, it will be time and effort in vain for every inexperienced person. The only thing you could probably do is lubricate the metal moving parts. Never check or fix a malfunctioning opening mechanism; call us instead.

  • Are your rates high? All our door repair and installation services very reasonable. As our team respects your budget, we would like to provide you with some wonderful discounts.

  • Why is my garage door closing by itself? Maybe because there are some issues with the opener. It could be a short circuit or problems with another component that help it to open and close. In either case, an urgent check-up is advisable.

  • Do you provide emergency garage door repair services? Our company in Webster, TX is closed on Sunday. But we are open from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm.

  • Can you help me to select a new door? Yes, certainly! It will be an honor for our team to suggest a new model based on your needs and preferences. Let’s talk about your wishes now! You can call our knowledgeable technicians at (281) 393-7042.

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